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Islam is a religion of brotherhood, justice, forgiveness, peace and love. As Muslims we have a responsibility to convey this message of Islam to the whole of Mankind. This is what is missing in the world today – promoting universal peace and brotherhood. Watch Programs on Peace and Universal Brotherhood. in its effort to Promote Universal Peace, Harmony and Brotherhood has been visiting a wide spectrum of places around the world, talking to the youth in Colleges, Universities, International Peace events & conventions like the United Nations Peace Convention and Universal  Peace Federation. These efforts of Arrahman Arraheem Network are not limited to within the country but also extended internationally to Canada, USA, United Kingdom and many other countries, spreading Islam's message of  Peace and Harmony in its true spirit.T he focus is particularly on the youth because the youth is the future. If the seeds of mutual respect, harmony and peace are sown within their hearts and the misconceptions about each other are removed, we will be well on our way to making the world a safer place to live in. We must open ourselves for intellectual dialogue. We should listen and understand to each others points of view and opinions; and show tolerance and bigheartedness. This will give birth to mutual respect for each others' cultures resulting in a global community where peace and tolerance in prevalent. Let us all strive and make the world a safer place to live.

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